Jumping Hurdles, and a New Launch Date.

I have never been the athletic type but I understand the concept of hurdle jumping. To leap over obstacles with good form and landing in a manner that allows fluid forward motion. This is a perfect analogy for business. How I handle the oncoming hurdles is what will directly affect my ability to reach the finish line. As of right now, that line is not as close as I thought and a few more hurdles have appeared on the horizon.

Everything right up to a few weeks ago looked like smooth sailing as I giddily prepared to launch the Breda. A case of samples arrived and to my dismay, they "were not the droids I was looking for." (sorry for the Star Wars reference, when faced with disappointment, I trend toward distraction in humor) So for you non Star Wars fans, these samples were not up to the expected quality of my final product. It brought into question, what needs to change in our manufacturers' process and just how long until it's sorted.

In an effort to resolve the various issues, I am backing up the train a bit and have requested we look at another more costly manufacturing method and I make the decision upon comparing the tools from both processes. It may be that I must resort to this option to provide the quality I am looking for, or I might be convinced that the tweaking being done at the original factory has solved my concern. Either way, it adds up to a delay on production and our launch date.

Right now I can say it's likely adding another 60 days. So June it is! I'll keep clearing hurdles with as much grace and form as I can muster and I hope you'll all bear with me.

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