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When I started redesigning mosaic nippers nearly a year ago, I could only fantasize what it might be like to make and sell a tool. Today I'm feeling like the velveteen rabbit, feeling REAL.

Today our final prototype exists and it is incredible. I am so excited.

What began as a quest for a comfortable tool has evolved into a revolutionary new style glass nipper. I was busy sculpting handles that felt good and suddenly realized I have a much stronger grip with my wrist in a different angle. I rushed to my physical therapist, shaking with nervous excitement, I asked her if there were benefits in gripping and squeezing in different positions. Oh yes, you are more likely to suffer tendon injury with your wrist in full extension. She measured the angles and showed me the most optimal positioning for strength and injury avoidance.

In order to turn my grip, I needed the nippers cutting head turned so that mosaic artists could continue to rely on the principles they know so well. Blades aligned floor to ceiling, holding the glass perpendicular to the floor or work surface.

I use tools all the time in my landscape business. I carry a fully outfitted tool box to make on the job repairs. I have sets of standard and metric sockets and wrenches, and pliers of all types. But sometimes we neglect to move that box from one truck to another and I get in a pinch. I am always relieved to find an errant pair of water pump pliers under my seat because they are my go to tool. Most people know them as Channelocks. It's not the sliding adjustment of those pliers that I love, it's the parrot beak jaw that seems to improve my leverage to break rusty bolts loose. I never understood why. But when the engineers tested the Breda's geometry in 3D computer models, we had an amazing 5X multiplication of force. I supplied them every other nipper brand to test and none of them come close to that number.

Breda is so much more than just comfortable to hold. snap set REPEAT (with ease)

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