You know you're a mosaic artist when...

mosaic tree

I answered that question in a forum once with "your cat is following you up the stairs from your studio and he's clicking." Of course you'll only understand the joke there if you are one of us, viewing everything as either something to glue down or something to be glued on. Walking through yard sales and thrift stores, mentally categorizing everything as tesserae or substrate.

Why mosaics

My theory is mosaic as a medium is extremely accessible. After all, we learned to glue things in grade school. Anyone attracted to mosaic art is likely to give it a go themselves. Not many people look at a painting and think that's beautiful, I want to try it. (Nor would they consider it possible if they think artistic talent is bestowed at birth to a lucky few.) There are a multitude of how to books and internet resources, workshops and hobby kits to get you rolling and the basic tools can be found in the tile isle of your home improvement store. Many mosaic enthusiasts will proclaim they are not artists based simply on the fact they think they cannot draw.. but surely they can color so they start tiling. It's seemingly so accessible and the possibilities are endless. The pure eye candy, the shine, color, movement and flow... materials... oh yeah. Rabbit holes and craft addicts.

Oh no, have I been reading another mosaic blog??

Not necessarily, call it a passion blog because I'm all about my passions. You'll note, this blog is connected to a store where I'll be offering a tool for mosaic and glass artists. My own connotation of the wheeled glass nipper, born of my passion for the art form. Breda by CLC has become my passion for over a year now. So yeah, I'll be writing a lot about tools here... but very passionately.

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