Breda glass nipper


Breda glass nippers made for glass artists looking for light weight, comfortable tools. All aluminum with high quality carbide blades. Breda multiplies your force by a record 5 times while keeping your wrist at a safer angle to help avoid repetitve stress injuries. Breda sports our original indexing blade system, fully reversible for both right and left handed use.


Australians can order from our only authorized distributor, Smalti Australia. press the logo to go to their site

Defective merchandise can be returned for replacement or repair 10 days after receiving shipment. CLC reserves the right to repair same merchandise with replacement parts on hand. Total replacement of defective tools may be made as BACKORDER for a period of 3 months or more depending on production runs by manufacturer.  Misuse or any evidence the merchandise was used in any manner it was not intended voids any responsibility by CLC to replace your item.

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