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March 23, 2018

In an effort to resolve the various issues, I am backing up the train a bit and have requested we look at another more costly manufacturing method and I make the decision upon comparing the tools from both processes. It may be that I must resort to this option to provi...

February 9, 2018

Just over a year ago I returned home from my first meeting about the Breda and said to my husband, “So I’m going to start a tool business and if I quit at any time, I will have the world’s most expensive, one off, pair of nippers in existence.” Since that day, it’s bec...

December 7, 2017

But when the engineers tested the Breda's geometry in 3D computer models, we had an amazing 5X multiplication of force. I supplied them every other nipper brand to test and none of them come close to that number.